Metro's APIs

Metro maintains several APIs that together give programmers access to schedules, geocoding, place names, real-time vehicle predictions, system alerts, trip planning, Metro bike and parking availability, and map tiles. Many of these services are available to developers.

The real-time Application Programming Interface (API) lives at It gives you access to the positions of Metro vehicles on their routes in real time.

The Realtime API is a RESTful web service designed to serve bus location data gathered by our Advanced Transportation Management System (ATMS) and the new Nextrip prediction engine. This is the result of years of difficult work refining the information we collect from the GPS trackers on every bus. Sometimes that data arrives too late to give us useful information. Our busses serve 1433 square miles. Whenever the buses travel into a radio shadow we need to make a prediction about the location of the bus. This is where Nextrip comes into play.

Our Nextrip service is informed by NextBus, if you are familiar with their XML structure — you are welcome to retrieve the data from them.