Script Name: Carriers.php

Supports GET and POST. Output formats: XML, JSON, and PHP.


Return all carrier names and ID’s.




Carriers will return a list consisting of all carrier names and associated carrier ids will be returned.


# REQUIRED: apikey

JSON format

Special characters in the output will be encoded. An index attribute will be returned for any ‘arrayed’ objects.

[{‘code’: ‘AS’, ‘id’: ‘2’, ‘text’: ‘Airport Shuttle’}, {‘code’: ‘AT’, ‘id’: ‘3’, ‘text’: ‘Alhambra Community Transit’}, {‘code’: ‘AM’, ‘id’: ‘1’, ‘text’: ‘Amtrak’}, {‘code’: ‘AV’, ‘id’: ‘4’, ‘text’: ‘Antelope Valley’}, {‘code’: ‘BP’, ‘id’: ‘7’, ‘text’: ‘Baldwin Park Shuttle’}, {‘code’: ‘CN’, ‘id’: ’15’, ‘text’: ‘Beach Cities’}, {‘code’: ‘BG’, ‘id’: ‘6’, ‘text’: ‘Bell Gardens Town Trolley’}, {‘code’: ‘BF’, ‘id’: ‘5’, ‘text’: ‘Bellflower Bus’}, {‘code’: ‘BU’, ‘id’: ‘8’, ‘text’: ‘Burbank Media Shuttle’}, {‘code’: ‘CL’, ‘id’: ’13’, ‘text’: ‘Camarillo Area Transit’}, {‘code’: ‘CA’, ‘id’: ‘9’, ‘text’: ‘Carson Circuit’}, {‘code’: ‘CW’, ‘id’: ’18’, ‘text’: ‘Cerritos On Wheels’}, {‘code’: ‘CM’, ‘id’: ’14’, ‘text’: ‘Commerce’}, {‘code’: ‘CX’, ‘id’: ’19’, ‘text’: ‘Commuter Express’}, {‘code’: ‘CR’, ‘id’: ’17’, ‘text’: ‘Compton Renaissance’}, {‘code’: ‘CK’, ‘id’: ’12’, ‘text’: ‘Corona Cruiser’}, {‘code’: ‘CH’, ‘id’: ’11’, ‘text’: ‘Cudahy Transit’}, {‘code’: ‘CC’, ‘id’: ’10’, ‘text’: ‘Culver City Bus’}, {‘code’: ‘DA’, ‘id’: ’20’, ‘text’: ‘Dash (Community Lines)’}, {‘code’: ‘DT’, ‘id’: ’21’, ‘text’: ‘Duarte Transit’}, {‘code’: ‘EM’, ‘id’: ’22’, ‘text’: ‘El Monte Trolley’}, {‘code’: ‘FA’, ‘id’: ’63’, ‘text’: ‘Flyaway’}, {‘code’: ‘FZ’, ‘id’: ’23’, ‘text’: ‘Foothill Transit ‘}, {‘code’: ‘GA’, ‘id’: ’24’, ‘text’: ‘Gardena Transit’}, {‘code’: ‘GB’, ‘id’: ’25’, ‘text’: ‘Glendale Beeline’}, {‘code’: ‘IN’, ‘id’: ’26’, ‘text’: ‘Inglewood I-Line’}, {‘code’: ‘LT’, ‘id’: ’28’, ‘text’: ‘Lawndale Trolley’}, {‘code’: ‘LB’, ‘id’: ’27’, ‘text’: ‘Long Beach Transit’}, {‘code’: ‘CO’, ‘id’: ’16’, ‘text’: ‘Los Angeles County Shuttles’}, {‘code’: ‘LY’, ‘id’: ’29’, ‘text’: ‘Lynwood Trolley’}, {‘code’: ‘MX’, ‘id’: ’35’, ‘text’: ‘Max’}, {‘code’: ‘MT’, ‘id’: ’34’, ‘text’: ‘Metro ‘}, {‘code’: ‘ML’, ‘id’: ’31’, ‘text’: ‘Metrolink’}, {‘code’: ‘MB’, ‘id’: ’30’, ‘text’: ‘Montebello Transit’}, {‘code’: ‘MP’, ‘id’: ’32’, ‘text’: ‘Monterey Park’}, {‘code’: ‘MR’, ‘id’: ’33’, ‘text’: ‘Moorpark City Transit’}, {‘code’: ‘RW’, ‘id’: ’45’, ‘text’: ‘Mountain Area Rapid Transit Ag’}, {‘code’: ‘NT’, ‘id’: ’36’, ‘text’: ‘Norwalk Transit’}, {‘code’: ‘OT’, ‘id’: ’39’, ‘text’: ‘Ojai Trolley’}, {‘code’: ‘OM’, ‘id’: ’38’, ‘text’: ‘Omnitrans’}, {‘code’: ‘OC’, ‘id’: ’37’, ‘text’: ‘Orange County Transit’}, {‘code’: ‘PV’, ‘id’: ’42’, ‘text’: ‘Palo Verde Valley Transit Ag’}, {‘code’: ‘PP’, ‘id’: ’64’, ‘text’: ‘Palos Verdes Peninsula Transit Auth’}, {‘code’: ‘PL’, ‘id’: ’41’, ‘text’: ‘Parklink’}, {‘code’: ‘PA’, ‘id’: ’40’, ‘text’: ‘Pasadena Arts’}, {‘code’: ‘RA’, ‘id’: ’43’, ‘text’: ‘Riverside Transit Authority’}, {‘code’: ‘RS’, ‘id’: ’44’, ‘text’: ‘Rosemead Shuttle’}, {‘code’: ‘SC’, ‘id’: ’47’, ‘text’: ‘Santa Clarita’}, {‘code’: ‘SF’, ‘id’: ’48’, ‘text’: ‘Santa Fe Springs’}, {‘code’: ‘SM’, ‘id’: ’50’, ‘text’: ‘Santa Monica’}, {‘code’: ‘SA’, ‘id’: ’46’, ‘text’: ‘SCAT’}, {‘code’: ‘SG’, ‘id’: ’49’, ‘text’: ‘Sierra Madre Gateway’}, {‘code’: ‘SV’, ‘id’: ’53’, ‘text’: ‘Simi Valley Transit’}, {‘code’: ‘SP’, ‘id’: ’51’, ‘text’: ‘So Pasadena Goldline Shuttle’}, {‘code’: ‘SW’, ‘id’: ’61’, ‘text’: ‘South Whittier Shuttle Services’}, {‘code’: ‘ST’, ‘id’: ’52’, ‘text’: ‘SunLine Transit’}, {‘code’: ‘TH’, ‘id’: ’54’, ‘text’: ‘Thousand Oaks Transit ‘}, {‘code’: ‘TO’, ‘id’: ’55’, ‘text’: ‘Torrance Transit’}, {‘code’: ‘VV’, ‘id’: ’57’, ‘text’: ‘Victor Valley ‘}, {‘code’: ‘VS’, ‘id’: ’56’, ‘text’: ‘Vista’}, {‘code’: ‘WC’, ‘id’: ’58’, ‘text’: ‘West Covina’}, {‘code’: ‘WH’, ‘id’: ’59’, ‘text’: ‘West Hollywood’}, {‘code’: ‘WT’, ‘id’: ’60’, ‘text’: ‘Whittier Transit’}]

XML format

Special characters in the output will be encoded. An index attribute will be returned for any ‘arrayed’ objects.

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”ISO-8859-1″?> <root> <metadata> <request>Carriers</request> <records_found>63</records_found> <request_uri>/tm/carriers.php?format=xml</request_uri> <query_time>0.0026991367340088 seconds</query_time> </metadata> <carriers type=”list”> <item> <id>2</id> <text>Airport Shuttle</text> <code>AS</code></item> <item> <id>3</id> <text>Alhambra Community Transit</text> <code>AT</code></item> <item> <id>1</id> <text>Amtrak</text> <code>AM</code></item> <item> <id>4</id> <text>Antelope Valley</text> <code>AV</code></item> <item> <id>7</id> <text>Baldwin Park Shuttle</text> <code>BP</code></item> <item> <id>15</id> <text>Beach Cities</text> <code>CN</code></item> <item> <id>6</id> <text>Bell Gardens Town Trolley</text> <code>BG</code></item> <item> <id>5</id> <text>Bellflower Bus</text> <code>BF</code></item> <item> <id>8</id> <text>Burbank Media Shuttle</text> <code>BU</code></item> <item> <id>13</id> <text>Camarillo Area Transit</text> <code>CL</code></item> <item> <id>9</id> <text>Carson Circuit</text> <code>CA</code></item> <item> <id>18</id> <text>Cerritos On Wheels</text> <code>CW</code></item> <item> <id>14</id> <text>Commerce</text> <code>CM</code></item> <item> <id>19</id> <text>Commuter Express</text> <code>CX</code></item> <item> <id>17</id> <text>Compton Renaissance</text> <code>CR</code></item> <item> <id>12</id> <text>Corona Cruiser</text> <code>CK</code></item> <item> <id>11</id> <text>Cudahy Transit</text> <code>CH</code></item> <item> <id>10</id> <text>Culver City Bus</text> <code>CC</code></item> <item> <id>20</id> <text>Dash (Community Lines)</text> <code>DA</code></item> <item> <id>21</id> <text>Duarte Transit</text> <code>DT</code></item> <item> <id>22</id> <text>El Monte Trolley</text> <code>EM</code></item> <item> <id>63</id> <text>Flyaway</text> <code>FA</code></item> <item> <id>23</id> <text>Foothill Transit</text> <code>FZ</code></item> <item> <id>24</id> <text>Gardena Transit</text> <code>GA</code></item> <item> <id>25</id> <text>Glendale Beeline</text> <code>GB</code></item> <item> <id>26</id> <text>Inglewood I-Line</text> <code>IN</code></item> <item> <id>28</id> <text>Lawndale Trolley</text> <code>LT</code></item> <item> <id>27</id> <text>Long Beach Transit</text> <code>LB</code></item> <item> <id>16</id> <text>Los Angeles County Shuttles</text> <code>CO</code></item> <item> <id>29</id> <text>Lynwood Trolley</text> <code>LY</code></item> <item> <id>35</id> <text>Max</text> <code>MX</code></item> <item> <id>34</id> <text>Metro</text> <code>MT</code></item> <item> <id>31</id> <text>Metrolink</text> <code>ML</code></item> <item> <id>30</id> <text>Montebello Transit</text> <code>MB</code></item> <item> <id>32</id> <text>Monterey Park</text> <code>MP</code></item> <item> <id>33</id> <text>Moorpark City Transit</text> <code>MR</code></item> <item> <id>45</id> <text>Mountain Area Rapid Transit Ag</text> <code>RW</code></item> <item> <id>36</id> <text>Norwalk Transit</text> <code>NT</code></item> <item> <id>39</id> <text>Ojai Trolley</text> <code>OT</code></item> <item> <id>38</id> <text>Omnitrans</text> <code>OM</code></item> <item> <id>37</id> <text>Orange County Transit</text> <code>OC</code></item> <item> <id>42</id> <text>Palo Verde Valley Transit Ag</text> <code>PV</code></item> <item> <id>64</id> <text>Palos Verdes Peninsula Transit Auth</text> <code>PP</code></item> <item> <id>41</id> <text>Parklink</text> <code>PL</code></item> <item> <id>40</id> <text>Pasadena Arts</text> <code>PA</code></item> <item> <id>43</id> <text>Riverside Transit Authority</text> <code>RA</code></item> <item> <id>44</id> <text>Rosemead Shuttle</text> <code>RS</code></item> <item> <id>47</id> <text>Santa Clarita</text> <code>SC</code></item> <item> <id>48</id> <text>Santa Fe Springs</text> <code>SF</code></item> <item> <id>50</id> <text>Santa Monica</text> <code>SM</code></item> <item> <id>46</id> <text>SCAT</text> <code>SA</code></item> <item> <id>49</id> <text>Sierra Madre Gateway</text> <code>SG</code></item> <item> <id>53</id> <text>Simi Valley Transit</text> <code>SV</code></item> <item> <id>51</id> <text>So Pasadena Goldline Shuttle</text> <code>SP</code></item> <item> <id>61</id> <text>South Whittier Shuttle Services</text> <code>SW</code></item> <item> <id>52</id> <text>SunLine Transit</text> <code>ST</code></item> <item> <id>54</id> <text>Thousand Oaks Transit</text> <code>TH</code></item> <item> <id>55</id> <text>Torrance Transit</text> <code>TO</code></item> <item> <id>57</id> <text>Victor Valley</text> <code>VV</code></item> <item> <id>56</id> <text>Vista</text> <code>VS</code></item> <item> <id>58</id> <text>West Covina</text> <code>WC</code></item> <item> <id>59</id> <text>West Hollywood</text> <code>WH</code></item> <item> <id>60</id> <text>Whittier Transit</text> <code>WT</code></item> </carriers> </root>