Metro’s Bicycle Planning has collected bikeway information from L.A. County and 88 surrounding cities – this info received standardized formatting and was used to update the Metro Bike Map in Spring 2010.

Metro Bike Map

Metro Bike Map 2010The updated Metro Bike Map is a collaborative effort between Metro Communications, ITS, Planning, and local jurisdictions across the county. In addition to providing updated information on new Class I, II and III bike facilities built since 2006, the new map contains several new features including:

  • topographical relief,
  • insets that provide additional geographical coverage and enlarged views of certain key areas, and
  • a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) rating certifying that the map was produced using sustainable practices.

Additionally, the bikeway database has been indexed and revised, allowing for future updates to be produced more efficiently. The map will continue to be updated every 2 – 3 years.

Bike Data Grouping

Bikeways spatial data is being released in the KML format to allow the greatest number of users to review and utilize. Shapefile versions may be released at a later date.

The 3 KML files each contain a group of Bikeways information, they are:

  1. Bike Paths:  Separated, off-street, paved bike paths.
  2. Bike Lanes: On-street striped bike lanes.
  3. Bike Routes: On-street bicycle routes marked with signage only.

An excel spreadsheet lists bikeway segment names, class designation, starting and ending points, and an index number. Digital spatial data for LA County bikeways will be updated regularly.

Comments & Suggestions

We welcome your comments and suggestions on the bikeways data. You can leave a comment on any of the Bikeways pages (requires creating an account) or use the online form to send detailed comments and suggestions.