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Originating as the Google Transit Feed Specification, GTFS is an open data format that Google created in partnership with Portland TriMet in order to easily provide schedule data to Google’s systems for trip planning.  As an open specification published under the Apache 2.0 License, it has blossomed into a standard that is used by transit agencies everywhere.

Today, it is known as the General Transit Feed Specification and continues to be extended for public agency and private industry needs through the facilitation of MobilityData. LA Metro has been publishing separate GTFS files for Bus and Rail since May 6, 2016.  This allows us to provide more frequent file updates.

The most up-to-date version of Metro’s bus GTFS can be found here.

Current Metro Bus GTFS

Bus GTFS data is updated every few months as large-scale changes to the system occur.  This usually occurs every June and December but has happened more frequently throughout 2020-2022 because of pandemic-related service adjustments.  The data is hosted on GitLab.

Refer to the following 3 branches in the repository:

master – This branch contains the “base” GTFS, which refers to the schedule released in the last major service update. It may periodically be updated for error fixes, stadium shuttle service during sports seasons, or minor service updates that occur before our next major service update.

weekly-updated-service – This branch is updated weekly.  It contains the “base” GTFS with a weekly-generated calendar_dates.txt file that contains updated data for the subsequent two-week period.  No other files will be modified within this branch.

future-service – This branch will contain the new “base” GTFS in advance of a major service update.  New service is kept on this branch so that the master branch always reflects current service.  This branch may have the new data anywhere between 1-4 weeks in advance of the update.  Service updates will almost always take effect starting on a Sunday.  The Saturday before is when this branch will be merged with the master branch.

File Description
GitLab Project The GitLab project where the GTFS bus files are hosted. The README file contains detailed information about each update. A zip file with all the GTFS bus files.

Current Metro Rail GTFS

Rail data is updated daily (generally Tuesday-Saturday mornings) and will reflect temporary rail service changes that may occur on a daily basis.

File Description
GitLab Project The GitLab project where the GTFS rail files are hosted. A zip file with all the GTFS rail files.

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