Scope of Work

Provide developer and system administration support services for web applications and other interactive projects including Mobile applications as required.

Perform work in following languages: PHP, ASP, Python or Java AND experience using one or more of the following database languages MySQL, MSSQL; Postgres, or SqlLite.

  • Plan, architect, integrate, and develop back-end and database driven applications as required.
  • Provide clean code and proper documentation for each project
  • Develop (and document) code that is cross-browser and cross-platform friendly (IE7!)
  • Collaborate with team to ensure all requirements are met
  • Support ongoing development for existing projects as required
  • Fix bugs and resolve ongoing issues as required
  • Extend existing REST web services as required
  • Use Git source code control system to manage your code
  • Attend meetings and perform work at Metro’s downtown Headquarters building as required

Compensation & Terms

  • Independent Contractor’s compensation shall be commensurate with qualifications and experience and subject to negotiation with Metro.
  • Metro will pay against submitted invoices per terms of the contract
  • Insurance is required to work at Metro; specifics will be discussed at time of selection.
  • Services will be provided as an independent contractor and does not include employee benefits. 

Period of Performance

  • Independent contractor shall complete work by June 30, 2012, unless this Contract is terminated earlier or extended by Metro, as provided in the Contract.
  • Metro may extend the Period of Performance at its sole discretion by exercising up to two one year extensions by issuance of an appropriately funded modification to the Contract.
  • Funding for this Contract is based upon availability of funds as determined by Metro’s fiscal budget which runs from July 1 through June 30 of each fiscal year. If funding is not approved for any subsequent fiscal year during which the Contract is in effect, Metro will issue a stop work notice.

Evaluation Criteria

Note: the most highly qualified candidates may be invited for an interview.

  1. Fee Proposal
  2. Developer Skill Set & Experience

Proposal Deadline

Submit proposal requirements via email only as outlined above for consideration by Friday, June 17, 2011.

Attn:  Douglas Goodwin, Developer
Subject:  Web Development/System Administration Support Services
Questions:  You may contact Douglas Goodwin with questions via email.

Please, no off-shore or job placement services.