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The Google Transit Feed Specification is an open format that Google created to allow transit agencies to easily provide schedule data to Google Transit. However, Google encourages its use for other applications, and it’s available under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (free) license.

Publicly available GTFS feeds

A number of transit agencies and operators have already published their schedule data in GTFS format for developers to use.


As of May 6th, 2016 The LACMTA is now publishing our Bus and Rail Services in separate Google Transit Exports ONLY. As a customer service, and to allow us to update these files more frequently, we have split these files up. The new rail-only export will be updated Daily (generally Tuesday-Saturday mornings), to allow us to send out more timely information and to allow our users to capture all temporary rail service changes that may occur on a daily basis. The bus-only exports will continue to be provided as large-scale changes to the system occur — generally once every one or two months. We will NOT continue to maintain the combined service feeds.
The data are now hosted on GitLab at the following addresses. Note that the old links will forward you to the new data.


Find instructions on GitLab on how to subscribe to feed update notifications.

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