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Bikeways Data

Digital spatial data for LA County Bikeways data will be updated here as much possible. Download the latest Bikeways data files by clicking the links below and also sign up (above) to receive email and/or mobile alert when this data has been updated.

LA County Bikeways
Posted October 2012
LA County Bikeways
Posted October 2010

Contents of LA County Bikeways KML (2010)

Archive:  bikelanes.zip   522000 bytes   3 files
-rw-a--     2.0 fat    71168 t- defN  4-Oct-10 17:20 bikelanes/Bike Lanes Table.xls
-rw-a--     2.0 fat  5876640 t- defN  5-Oct-10 10:18 bikelanes/LA County Bikeways 10.05.2010.kml
drwx---     2.0 fat        0 b- stor 26-Oct-10 11:57 bikelanes/
3 files, 5947808 bytes uncompressed, 521584 bytes compressed:  91.2%