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Metro Right-of-Way GIS Data Overview

This shapefile represents existing or planned Metro Rail, Metro fixed-guideway buses, and Metro-owned railroad rights-of-way (ROW) operated by Metrolink or freight companies.

The geographic data included is approximate and intended for estimation of distances of proposed projects to Metro ROW. The data may not be ideal for other uses. For example, we have excluded the Silver Line ROW because it runs on freeways and does not include track work. This data is not to be used as a proxy for specific engineering data, which can be obtained through Metro Engineering staff, if necessary. Planned alignments are subject to change. This Data has been updated in May of 2014.

The zipfile contains the following:

GIS shapefiles for use with ArcMap Software

  • Metro ROW
  • 500 foot zone surrounding ROW
  • Metro bus stops

KMZ files for use in Google Earth

  • Metro ROW
  • 500 foot zone surrounding ROW
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