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Schedule / GTFS Questions

Why are you publishing schedules this way?
We want to foster innovative new technologies and applications, reach a broader audience and encourage more people to ride Metro. The GTFS data set gives you access to route, stop, and schedule information about all of Metro’s 200+ routes.

Why use this format?
GTFS is a lightweight, open format that provides a relatively easy way to exchange transit data.

Will you help me with my code?
We will help you by providing examples of how you might use the code and to provide you with a place to share your tips and solutions with other users. This community is designed to be a place to learn how to work with different kinds of data (GTFS as well as web services). We have provided comment areas to gather feedback as well as tips and tricks as you may find at other developer sites. If you have any ideas on how to improve this service, be sure to let us know.

What can I do with these data?
The sky’s the limit! The main thing is to certain that you are giving out good data–you must use the freshest data set available. That means usin gthe web services in real-time and making sure that you always have the latest version of the GTFS data. We publish this at least every six months. This website will always have the latest version of our data. Please update your data early and often.

When will you have all LA county transit data for GTFS?
Our GTFS data is generated by an enterprise system that isn’t available to smaller transportation agencies. We are investigating ways of helping all agencies in the region to prepare data in the GTFS format.