Audience Question: What’s the URL for the NexTrip service?


Audience Question: And that’s different from the real time API?

Answer: That is the customer facing interface.

Audience Question: Do you know, is there any idea of what percentage of Metro customers have smart phones that can support these apps?

Answer: Yes. In our latest customer survey, is it… Twice a year, we do surveys, and it’s physical people stopping our customers at a bus or certain stations. I don’t know the exact numbers on how many people per survey. But I can tell you, in the last survey the question was, “Do you have a cell phone?” 75 percent of the people on that bus car said, “Yes.” Of that 75 percent, half of them had smart phones or were able to access WiFi on their smart phones. Did that answer your question?

Audience Question: What does Next Bus actually add to the data that you provide?

Answer: The data originates with Next Bus. It’s real-time data. Say you’re standing on the corner, you can actually know when the bus is really coming – not just what it says on the schedule, right? What Metro does is collect the fleet information, the data. That’s the real-time information. We pass that over to Next Bus, and Next Bus processes that real-time information to provide the prediction. It doesn’t matter where I am right now, it only matters how long it’s going to take to get me to whatever stop I’m interested in. So the prediction information in real-time is what’s being passed.

Audience Question: How frequently does that update?

Answer: On average, we get updates from every vehicle in the fleet every three minutes.

Audience Question: Is that the real-time data or the arrival prediction data push?

Answer: Both. We pass it in and they’re processing it as quickly as they get it. They’re actually looking at it every five seconds. We’re updating the real-time fleet information every three minutes, but it’s not in blocks of three minutes. So you’re scattered across the three minutes. So we’re always updating at least a portion of the fleet.

Audience Question: So is Next Bus just your EDO provider?

Answer: No. Again, they’re simply providing the algorithm. We have a separate internal fleet management system which is a different vendor called ACS.