Metro Right-of-Way GIS Data

Metro Right-of-Way GIS Data

Shapefiles for existing or planned Metro Bus & Rail ROW, and Metro-owned railroad ROW operated by Metrolink or freight companies.

Developer Challenge Winners

Multimodal Trip Helper

Winner: Web Mashup – Mapping

Multimodal Trip Helper“Very handy to have routing and real-time data in relationship with bike routes.”

By C. K. Wong

Link to Multimodal Trip Helper

Highlights bus arrival predictions and bikeways to enable users to better plan their transit-bicycle trips. This application is best viewed in Internet Explorer. Microsoft Silverlight plug-in is also required.

Walkscore Public Transit API

Winner: Web Mashup

Walkscore Public Transit API“An excellent tool for assessing the walkability of different neighborhoods and areas.”

By Aleisha Jacobson, Matt Lerner and Josh Herst

Link to Walkscore

Returns the Transit Score for a location and provides easy access to nearby public transit stops and routes. Programmers can use the Public Transit API on their sites as well.

LA Metro Alerts 

Winner: Mobile App

LA Metro Alerts “A great app that’s easy to use…just pick it up and use the tool – all very intuitive.”

By Ross MacFarland

Link to Android Market

Provides NextBus arrival times to Android phones. Highlights include bookmarking of stops and the ability to get alerts when buses/trains are a desired amount of time away.

Smart Ride

Winner: NextBus Mobile App

Smart Ride by Aaron Bannert“Has a great look and feel, and provides a route and stop selection process that is easy to use.”

By Aaron Bannert

Link to iTunes

Allows the user to access nearby routes and stops, check real-time arrival predictions, track the progress along a route, and watch for transit alerts. A Favorites list can also be created for easy access to one’s favorite stops. For use on iPhones.