GTFS Schedule Data

Metro Schedule Data (GTFS)

The Google Transit Feed Specification is an open format that Google created to allow transit agencies to easily provide schedule data to Google Transit.

Metro GIS Data

GIS Data

GIS Data are shapefiles representing existing or planned Metro Rail, Metro fixed-guideway buses, and Metro-owned railroad rights-of-way (ROW) operated by Metrolink or freight companies.

Metro Real-Time Arrivals

Real-Time Vehicle Arrivals

Metro’s API for Vehicle Predictions Metro’s Realtime Application Programming Interface (API) gives you access to the positions of Metro vehicles on their routes in real time.

Scheduling Data

Multimodal Trip Planner

The Open Trip Planner (OTP) supports the journey planning map you see on core server-side Java component finds itineraries combining transit, pedestrian, bicycle, and car segments through networks built…

Metro's APIs

Metro’s APIs

Metro maintains several APIs that together give programmers access to schedules, geocoding, place names, real-time vehicle predictions, system alerts, trip planning, Metro bike and parking availability, and map tiles. Many…

Metro Bike Data

LA County Bikeways

Find the link to the latest digital spatial data for LA County Bikeways below.