Metro Right-of-Way GIS Data

Metro Right-of-Way GIS Data

Shapefiles for existing or planned Metro Bus & Rail ROW, and Metro-owned railroad ROW operated by Metrolink or freight companies.

Developer Challenge Winners

LA Metro Alerts 

Winner: Mobile App

LA Metro Alerts “A great app that’s easy to use…just pick it up and use the tool – all very intuitive.”

By Ross MacFarland

Link to Android Market

Provides NextBus arrival times to Android phones. Highlights include bookmarking of stops and the ability to get alerts when buses/trains are a desired amount of time away.

CSULA Transit

Winner: Mobile App – College

CSULA Transit“A simple yet user-friendly app with a design well suited for handhelds.”

By Robert Martin and Andrew Greene

Link to iTunes

Displays real-time updates for all buses arriving at the Cal State LA campus using NextBus prediction services. Also displays upcoming Metrolink train arrivals. Designed for iPhones.

Multimodal Trip Helper

Winner: Web Mashup – Mapping

Multimodal Trip Helper“Very handy to have routing and real-time data in relationship with bike routes.”

By C. K. Wong

Link to Multimodal Trip Helper

Highlights bus arrival predictions and bikeways to enable users to better plan their transit-bicycle trips. This application is best viewed in Internet Explorer. Microsoft Silverlight plug-in is also required.

Smart Ride

Winner: NextBus Mobile App

Smart Ride by Aaron Bannert“Has a great look and feel, and provides a route and stop selection process that is easy to use.”

By Aaron Bannert

Link to iTunes

Allows the user to access nearby routes and stops, check real-time arrival predictions, track the progress along a route, and watch for transit alerts. A Favorites list can also be created for easy access to one’s favorite stops. For use on iPhones.